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Rosette is Bleuette's sister.
Her apparel includes La Semaine de Suzette patterns & ready to wear G-L wardrobe.
Rosette Club is a sister group to:
** Doll Collectors Boutique** AADCBleuette ** BleuetteSewingClub ** BleuetteSalon **
Also welcome here are Bleuette, Bambino, Benjamine, Loulotte & Becassine.
New Applications will be asked for Your Name, Interests & References

Members are invited to join in the fun of Group Challenges Listed Below:
Apr to May 15th= White Dresses with Sashes
May 15th & June = Same Pattern LSDS 1959 #97
Jul = Same Pattern LSDS 1954 #27 for UFDC Convention
Aug = Overalls & Separates.  
Optional RL Stripe FABRIC offer. Sign up in database table to get fabric.
Sep = Same Fabric - Tattersall Silk in White, Navy & Lt Brown
Oct = Theme outfit GL DOMINO 1934 - Jacket, Blouse, Skirt, Purse & Hat
Nov = Theme outfit GL DOMINO 1934 - Purse 
Dec = Theme outfit GL DOMINO 1934 - Hat
Group membership rules: Be Kind, Respectful & Joyful.
JenniferEverSews, Owner

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